Local Information

On this page we have listed some information which we hope will be useful, especially to new residents.

We fall within the boundaries of Gloucester City council, and Gloucestershire County council.

Gloucester City council:

deal with things like Street Lighting, Refuse Collection and Recycling. Leisure, Housing, and Highways are also covered. The best contact number for the City council is 396 396.

Gloucestershire County council:

deal with things like Education, Social Servives, Fire Service and Major Highways issues and transport issues. The best number for the County council is 425 000.

Gloucestershire County Council is run by the Conservatives, whilst Gloucester City Council is run by a minority Conservative  Administration.

For Enquiries on Bus and Train Timetables call 0870 608 2608- local call charges apply- this is  a service provided by the county council.

Refuse is usually collected on Tuesdays, but a small area is collected on Wednesdays. Call the City council on 396 396 to find out the day in your area.

The council also operate recycling schemes in our area. Recycled material can be left out in the Green Recycling box the same day as your normal household  or Green waste bin is collected, as can the Food waste Caddy.  If you require a Green Box, or food waste caddy please call the City council on 396 396-thank you.

Local schools include Heron Primary- 415 105, and Abbeymead Primary-371 710

Local councillors are listed on the ‘Contact Information’ page

Gloucester Conservative Party can be reached on 01242 514 551

Local Churches include:

St Augustines,                     (Catholic) : 412 702

St Katharines,                     (Anglican) : 524 497

Finally, if you are a new resident in Abbey Ward, we would like to welcome you to this pleasant part of our city, and hope that you will be very happy in  your new home here.

For any further local information, please call  one of us